We provide quality counseling services for individual’s substance use disorders. We seek every opportunity to help improve the quality of life for our clients. We are actively involved in community and professional organizations. We continue our education as a means to provide ever improving care for our clients. We are knowledgeable about the bio psychosocial dimensions of substance use and dependence, the recognition of substance related disorders, alcohol and other drug education, motivational counseling, and the legal and personal consequences of inappropriate substance use. We practice current “Best Practices” for the treatment of substance use disorders.
All information obtained is strictly confidential.
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We offer a safe, welcoming, and inclusive classroom environment for students of all races, ethnicities, sexual orientation, gender identitiees/variances, ages, religions, economic classes, and ability statuses. As such, clients will be encouraged and challenged to use language that is respectful, inclusive, representative, and culturally appropriate.
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Sessions study the connection among thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Clients are taught how to identify patterns of thinking that can drive negative or positive habitual behavior, and how drug and alcohol use affects inhibitions and thinking patterns.
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Choices Impact LLC’s anger management classes focus on the consequences of anger and teaches clients to manage their emotions and avoid violence.  Learning to effectively communicate feelings, improve self-awareness, and managing stress are key tools to avoiding angry outbursts.
Choices Impact offers a wide variety of classes to bring support and healing to people dealing with addictions, anger, failed belief systems: many resulting in life changing circumstances. Give us a call to discuss (in total privacy) your need and how we can help.